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Geocoding help

Question asked by bulla_b on Feb 16, 2018
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Just looking for some clarification on how geocoding works in Pro.  I have created a Geocoder based on a point layer of address points.  It seems to be working as desired when I type addresses into the 'Locate' window.  But when I use the same locator in the Geocode Addresses Geoprocessing tool, the exact same address that I type in the Locate window comes up as 'U' - unmatched.


All of my settings in the Geocoder are set to default.  All I did was specify which fields to use for Number, Road Type, etc.


Also, the list of addresses I am geocoding is actually the table of addresses that make up the point layer the geocoder is based on.  So I would think I would get a 100% match rate, but I am not.


Any advice on how to tweak my geocoder is appreciated.