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Web AppBuilder DE 2.7 Layouts - Dev Process

Question asked by KeitherJ on Feb 16, 2018
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Confused with adding in a new Layout into the Tab Theme...


Here is what I tried:


  • I copied and pasted the default folder from ...\client\stemapp\themes\TabTheme\layouts 
  • Renamed it to "layout2". 
  • I added the layout2 entry to the manifest.json (if you don't do that it hangs the app)
  • I edited layout2 and changed the FullScreen Widget = true. 
  • Saved the json.
  • Started WebAppBuilder 2.7
  • Created new app with the Tab Theme.
  • Can see 3 layouts.
  • Chose layout2 but no FullScreen Widget arrived.


Any quick suggestions for development process for new layouts.

Should I be testing this in the apps folder and moving the layout to client when complete?

Editing a layout has been problematic for me. It tends to affect all layouts.


Thanks for any advice.