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Opening Survey123 url on Android Phones

Question asked by maneeshmassey1 on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by SBall-esristaff

I have authored a survey for use within my organization. But none of the users have an ESRI account. Even though using the custom url scheme for the survey link, according to Open Survey123 survey using a custom URL, users have repeatedly failed to download the survey on their mobile phones. Android phones do not support Deep Linking to url's for opening a hyperlink. Once users click on the url, they are taken to Survey123 dialog box where it asks them to log in. But users who do not have an Esri account cannot log in and thus cannot download and access surveys.


While Esri is still working on this problem to incorporate this within Andriod, is there a workaround to this problem so users can be distributed the url's to access the surveys?

Any help in this direction will greatly be appreciated.