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DMZ and Federation

Question asked by conwaylw on Feb 15, 2018
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We have an internal ArcGIS Enterprise deployment which we have been using for several years with staff, utilizing VPN connections for remote devices.


We now are looking at setting up a separate, external GIS server with public (unauthenticated) GIS services that could be consumed inside ArcGIS Online web maps. I am interested if and how portal federation could be achieved using the design pattern where both the Web Adaptor and ArcGIS Server Site are located in a DMZ (as detailed in this image). What would our options be?



1. Both the GIS Server site and the Portal instance would need to be located in the same DMZ.


2. The GIS Server site could be federated through the DMZ's internal firewall to our existing internal Portal located on the private network.


3. We would be better off with a "classic" implementation of ArcGIS Server, avoiding federation and possibly waiting for

a future release that could federate our external server with ArcGIS Online.


Thanks in advance for any insight!