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Override Jimu/dijit/Report

Question asked by Alfonso_CLUS on Feb 15, 2018



I want to override a method of the one of the jimu/dijit/ classes, especific the Report dijit, but this question is valid for other dijits and widgets.


I created a new javascript file (report_e.js) where in the declare arguments I passed the report class instead of the BaseWidget class. and then I overrode the method I am interested to change.


define([ 'dojo/_base/declare', 'jimu/dijit/Report', 'dojo/_base/array', 'dojo/dom-construct', 'dojo/dom-class', 'jimu/utils'],
function(declare, Report, array, domConstruct, domClass, jimuUtils ) {
  return declare([Report], {

      baseClass: 'jimu-reportenhanced',

     // Here the method I want to override

      _renderTable: function (tableParentNode, tableInfo, showRowIndex) {






Then I obtained this error:  "declare uniqName_12: calling chained constructor with inherited".