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How can an SDE GBD owner change the Creator/Editor fields on a FeatureClass when Editor Tracking is enabled?

Question asked by CALLAHB on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by CALLAHB

We have a production FeatureClass stored in ArcSDE/Sql Server that has Editor Tracking enabled. The FeatureClass is also shared as a FeatureService with ownership based access control enabled.


We've had some staff changes and need to change the Creator/Editor on a bunch of features so that the right folks are seeing the data they need due to the ownership based access control. Though not frequent, this isn't an isolated case as staff/users do change.


I'm the DB owner/admin and I can't find a way to make this simple modification using ESRI tools without taking the entire chain out of production.  Has anyone else dealt with this issue and found a reasonable method to solve it?