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Taking Photos and using Signature field from existing data in feature class.

Question asked by EnvServices2 on Feb 13, 2018
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I have successfully created a survey and table from a feature class. The feature class has some of the fields populated with existing location specific data (watershed, land use etc.). The other fields are blank and were created to complete the survey and answer when in the field. The survey looks great and functions fine except for one critical element regarding attachments. I have enable attachments within my ArcGIS online account. When I publish my survey and open it up my on our iPad the survey opens fine and the fields for images have the appropriate camera icon to allow a photo to be taken, and the signature field functions as it should allowing you to write your name. However, when I go to the inbox and edit the existing data, I am no longer able to take photos or write a signature. Those image fields appear as normal fields with no capabilities. All the appropriate fields are successfully populated but again, I lose the ability with the attachments: photos and signature. These fields worked perfectly when I started a new survey but failed when used data from the inbox. I have tried it on different devices and always had the same problem. Can this be solved? The related blog made it sound very straight forward: just add an “image” field and continue. Thanks for any help that you can offer and have a great day! Michael