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So, I was really hoping the behavior for this tool would be adjusted from what we discovered in beta.  Your current behavior is to Read all the features then go through a serious of steps, in my case I have 14??? :(.  Problem is if I select 3 arcs, when I run from the command line:

from arcpy import edit as EDIT  (Love this syntax idea btw)
EDIT.ExtendLine ("Parcel Lines", "15 Feet", "FEATURE")

It proceeds to read all 2.3 MILLION features, just to extend 3 selected arcs.  After the Read, a comment shows up where it is processing Step 1 of 14 in the lower left of ArcMap.  Each and every time, I have to kill ArcMap because it takes up every bit of memory on this machine.  Is there anyway to not have it read all 2.3 Million features and just look at the 3 selected arcs?  I really want to support this capability on a toolbar, but this is crazy.  The old Trim/Extend Task was a bit more functional than this tool.  I suspect the Trim has the same behavior as above.

Your help states:

If a feature layer or feature class with a selection is used as the input, only the selected features will be extended. All features within the layer or feature class will be used to assess if an extension can be performed, but only the selected features will be modified.

So, in this snippet, if I set the Parameter to Feature and not Extension, is it possible to just process the 3 selected arcs (I am setting Feature).  Or is the extension referrred to above a general concept with Extends, and not directly referencing the parameter "Extension", if the latter is the case can this get refined in the snippet because it can be misleading.

So, a new layer, a smaller layer, My 253,500 feature Prefs is even slow, but at least I get all the way to the writing Features, which I had never seen before (I am sure its been there, just a new experience is all), What happens during the Processing steps?  Those steps are like a black box, not sure what happens, is there doc on these steps.  It seems the writing features reads all the features for a second time, but based on the above help snippet it should only process the selected arcs, right, because right now at 7:10pm on Thursday the 27th of January, its been showing writing features for a good 15 minutes.  These tools need to be refined, somehow.  Any ideas.