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Installation impossible

Question asked by briochamsley on Feb 14, 2018
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Good day,

I just wanted to install ArcGIS 10.6 on my Laptop. I had the 10.5.1 Version on earlier but uninstalled it a few months ago. Now, trying to install 10.6 the Setup "detects" the 10.5.1 Version (so there have to be some leftovers after the uninstallation) and trys to replace it. So far no problem, but because of that I can't change the installation path. Which is no problem with the main program, but the installation path for python is on the D:/ Partition. But the D:/ doesn't exist anymore as I formatted and merged it with the C:/ a while ago. 

How can I change the installation path or how to find and delete the leftovers from the old installation?

Thank you for your help