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ArcMap 10.6 not exporting ArcGIS Online layers to PDF

Question asked by mboeringa2010 Champion on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2019 by mboeringa2010

Anyone else running into this? I have an ArcMap 10.6 mxd document that uses ESRI's Terrain: Multi-Directional Hillshade ArcGIS Online raster layer.


Now, after the upgrade to 10.6, I can't export the layer to a PDF. I do see the layer and the tinted elevation hillshading properly displayed in ArcMap, it just won't export to PDF from ArcMap. The resulting PDF does not show hillshading. This is really strange, as, when I look in the PDF's content / layer display, I do see an "image" layer displayed. This layer correctly contains all the rasterized shapes of other polygon layers that were in ArcMap's TOC below the tinted elevation layer, that I set 78% transparent. ArcMap will rasterize such vector layers below a raster layer, which it clearly did. For some reason though, the elevation data was not merged into this image layer in the PDF...


If I import the map document in ArcGIS Pro, and export from there, it does export and show the tinted elevation hillshading, see the attached images.