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Legend Count and Symbol Size issue

Question asked by brisk00 on Feb 13, 2018

Currently using 10.5.1.  I'm having an issue with dynamic legends.  I have points with a simple marker symbol and a 20pt font.  I am only showing features within the current extent and showing the county for them.  When I have the 20pt font set for the symbol my legend count will be 15.  If I change that to 8pt font the count becomes 11, which is what the actual count should be.  There are no symbols on the edge of the map to take into account.  Below are the counts I get per symbol size...


Size                  Count

100                       15

20                        15

15                        15

14                        15

13                        13

12                         12

11                         12

10                          12

9                              11 (Correct Amount)


Not sure what's going on.  Any help is appreciated.