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How do I set the maximum borrow limit for ArcGIS Administrator?

Question asked by huffmanp on Feb 13, 2018
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I'm serving ArcGIS Desktop concurrent licenses from ArcGIS Administrator 10.3.1.  The maximum borrow limit is set to the default 30 days.  It seems to me that I once extended that time for one of our installations.  A notice in Administrator says to "Contact your License Administrator to modify this value."  Administrator Help unhelpfully says "Contact your organization's license administrator to change this value."  I tried contacting our license administrator, but that didn't help, because he/she is I. I searched Support, but only found explanations that the maximum time is 65536 days, and warnings that it is best to keep burrowing times short because if a machine crashes or is stolen, the license will be unavailable until the expiration time.  I was only thinking about extending the borrow time to 60 days. 


It seems like the answer might be in the Options file ACTIVATION_EXPIRY_DAYS parameter  but for the final paragraph of this usage description: "The ArcGIS Administrator is designed to accept the maximum borrow days specified in the License Server Administrator (default 30 days). The user must adjust the ArcGIS Administrator borrow request for a given feature to that specified in the Options file. "