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Is there a way of placing labels in relation to other shapefiles.

Question asked by krhudson87 on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by mboeringa2010

For example I have 2 shapefiles one showing the boundary for works to be completed in a forest area and then another shape which shows ages of forest fuels in the area. The shapes don't match exactly which is to be expected but the label for the fuels seems to be more in the eastern half of the shape for that polygon instead of in the middle like others. If I change it by amending the offset, all labels for that shapefile move over which isn't what I want as mostly the others are showing correctly. It just seems to be the one of interest that isn't centred. I could bring that particular polygon out and amend it specifically by setting a different label type for it but I really want it to be automatic for all polygons as I do multiple maps for different areas so don't want to have to change the labels on some polygons separately.  

Alternatively is there a way to have multiple labels in one polygon so that both "sides" have a label. Picture shown below. Blue drawn area shows the fuel age polygon in question (the fuel ages symbols are blue borders with the blue year dates), then the works area shapefile polygon in question is the red line. Note how the 2008 date (that I have circled) is showing further to the right side of the full polygon whereas all the other labels are around the middle of their polygons.... 


I am working in desktop Arcmap 10.3.1