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Portal Story Maps

Question asked by cgoessl on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by cgoessl

We are attempting to move features from AGOL onto our own Portal system. This includes two story maps that are currently being used on AGOL. 

Here is the issue. The data has been exported from AGOL to a GDB. The GDB has been uploaded to our SDE and a new service has been created using this feature. This feature is shared to Everyone. A new map is created using the Feature, and the new map is shared to everyone. 




However, when I click share > create web app > Build a Story Map > Story Map Tour > Create Web App, it get a pop up window that asks "Where are your images or videos?" They are stored locally on our service (see above map). How do I go about to get the information on my server and away from AGOL? Is this possible?
I am able to create other web apps, but story map is the best option for people accessing the information.