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Linking feature layer with a feature service

Question asked by on Feb 12, 2018
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Hi.  I am working on a crime map app in Pro and AGOL, and want to automate/improve the workflow.  Currently, we export crime data from a computer aided dispatch program (CSV file), and use a Python script in Pro to import the CSV, which creates a layer of all crimes for a given time period.  The script then creates a filtered layer of crimes that fall within the municipal boundary.  The script also modifies the street addresses and snaps them to the nearest street intersection to protect the victim's location.  In the Pro project, I have two map frames.  One frame (IMPORT) holds the filtered crime incidents as single symbols from the CSV import, while the other frame (PUBLISH) is used to publish a subset of crimes broken out by crime type.  The feature layers in the PUBLISH map frame are all sourced back to the filtered incidents layer in the file geodatabase.  Following the processing, I overwrite the existing feature service in Pro for the web map and app from the PUBLISH frame.  To remove the overwrite step, I added this service back into the Pro map in the PUBLISH frame, hoping I could pass new crime data to the service without having to always overwrite the service.  Obviously, the data are not linked, and with my lack of experience, I cannot figure out another way.  I am aware of Esri's crime map solution, but I have the street address modification step to implement.  Any suggestions and ideas on how to improve this workflow would be appreciated.