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Geoprocesing not returning result shapefile

Question asked by Tevfikcagri on Feb 12, 2018

Hello all,


I'm trying some models to work as geoprocessing on ArcGIS Server, but having problems with returning results through REST.


So I prepared a basic model only with Feature Class to Shapefile, just to find out how to get the result. It takes a test table from an enterprise geodatabase and converts it into a shapefile into the scratch folder.



Model working well both on desktop and server. However, the result is empty. Yet I can find the result shapefile if I go to arcgisjobs folder.



Also, if change the message level of geoprocessing service to "info", I can see the address of the file. 



As you can see in model "derived folder" is the model parameter as told in help document. But output folder is not %scratchworkspace%. When I write that it creates in scratch.gdb as featureclass. That's why I wrote %scratchFolder%.


I also tried "Select Data" tool, but nothing changed. What am I suppose to do get the result of this process?