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WAB dev 2.6 Search Widget not using configured zoomscale value

Question asked by wmakari on Feb 13, 2018
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WAB dev 2.6

I have configured a custom address locator (ArcGIS 10.5.1) that return point geometry of the address found. I have also configured WAB Search Widget to use my custom address locator. I changed the zoomscale to 1:5000 so that when an address is found the map will show the address at the scale I have specified.


However, the Search widget is not zooming to the scale I have specified. It is zooming to 1:1250 all the time. Each time I change the scale the config_Search.json is getting updated with the value I set but the Search Widget is not using the value.


I am clearing the cache each time but the widget is not using the configured value. Since my custom locator is returning a point geometry without an extent, I thought that the scale I specify should be used.


Is there something that I have missed in configuring the Search Widget? Any pointers will be much appreciated.