JSON edits are not being saved

Discussion created by ctownsend_2017 on Feb 12, 2018

Is anyone else having this issue? I've been trying to edit feature layers using the json rest service editor, just small edits like changing a field from nullable : true to nullable : false or increase the character length from 50 to 500, or change the alias, or default field value...really small things. If it's a feature service, I make sure I drill down to the actual layer.

I click apply, and it seems to go through, with no error messages (I also edit the LastEditDate to "" but when I check they haven't been updated. I'm using the ...rest/admin/services/ bit. If I export the data and open it in ArcMAp, I can edit these values without any problems. I've tried editing point and line data without success. Very frustrating!


Is this a known bug?