2-Way Geodatabase Replication

Discussion created by boyle.matt on Feb 9, 2018

When setting up a 2-way geodatabase replication that uses a child version off the DEFAULT version, is it possible to delete the version when doing a reconcile and post and then re-create it?...or is that version blocked from being deleted because it participates in a replica?


My ideal workflow would be to synchronize edits between the replicas, reconcile and post edits while deleting the editing version, compress the database, and re-create the edit version. This should provide a full compress of the database. If I keep the edit version when reconciling and posting, I'm not sure I'll always get a full compress of the database.


Any suggestions, ideas, etc... on best practices for this workflow? I could eliminate the edit version and simply use the DEFAULT version for edits, but my only reluctance for this workflow is that we tend to archive our production data, and by editing the DEFAULT version directly any edit would create a new record within the archive table. By having an editing version off the DEFAULT we won't (shouldn't?) run up so many rows in the archive table.