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How to allocate attributes of an area as a percentage of overlapping area

Question asked by NShellhamer on Feb 9, 2018
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I am fairly new to ArcGIS, but I am looking for help in performing a specific function.  I am trying to analyze a transit system and I have a point layer with all stops in the network that contains information about each stop, as well as the ridership that boarded at that stop.  I've created circular buffer areas around each stop to represent the expected catchment area for the stop.  I also have a layer of block groups with information about population, income, etc. 


What I would like to do is to be able to allocate the ridership at each stop based on the amount of area of the buffer that overlaps a particular block group.  That is, if a particular stop's buffer area overlaps two block groups evenly, I want to be able to distribute the ridership at that stop 50/50 to both block groups.  Ultimately, I want to obtain a table with each block group and the total (for all stops whose buffer area overlaps the block group) "distributed" ridership for that block group.  I've attached a sketch that hopefully explains what I am trying to do.  I was already able to do this without buffer areas by just grouping the ridership for those stops that fall in each block group, but I don't think this is realistic enough for what I am trying to do.  I've been reading through the community here and watching a lot of videos on YouTube but haven't been able to find anything to do what I would like yet.  Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!