Creating a T-Junction Does Not Route Successfully

Discussion created by tonycmx on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by dkampe

Dear Experts,


I was trying to create a T-Junction in my network. But it didn't work. Here is how I created it:


1. Got a street with several vertex:


2. Create a new street from one of the vertex (Snapping had turned on):

3. Give the new street proper F and T_ZLEV value (both are 0), which are the same as the existing one:


4. ND connectivity property set to "Any Vertex":


5. Build and run a Route:


The Network Identify Tool also shows that this newly created street do not have adjacent edges.


However, if I create a T-junction, but connect to a Junction Point, instead of Vertex Point, it will work.

Besides, if I create a X-junction, crossing a Vertex Point, it work too.


Is there anything that I'm missing here?