Heat map style will not update based on date selector

Discussion created by gahill on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by mkoneya

My operations dashboard on ArcGIS online has a map with records shown as both a point and a heat map, when using the date selector with associated action filters the point layer will update however the heat map does not.


Below is a screen shot of web map from the dashboard which shows the heat map layer and the point layer, the heat map is reflecting all records in the layer but the point layer (3 green dots in centre) is filtering correctly via date selector actions. So why doesn't the heat map get regenerated based on the filtered records? The heat map is purely a style setting in the web map not a pre generated static density analysis output. All maps and content are stored on ArcGIS online with appropriate sharing rights. Zooming in/out forcing a refresh does not work.



My actions specified in the date selector tool - the 'Job Points layer' updates but the 'Job Heat Map' does not.


I thought a heat map would be popular to show on a dashboard but without the ability to filter records makes it almost useless. Any ideas?  I am aware that I can do a 'static' pre set filter in the web map settings but it will not match the dates chosen for the dashboard making it confusing to viewers.