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What clean up procedures do I need to do when querying a database in pyodbc?

Question asked by markvandrews1969 on Feb 8, 2018
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I have a script written in python which I am hoping to use as part of Comp Search Routine in one of our ArcGIS Server based Websites.  Basically given a set of variables, the code constructs a sql statement that should return a set of ParcelIDs.  When I run the code in idle it works fine.  When I set it up as a script with parameters in ArcCatalog (10.31) , the script runs successfully the first time, but crashes ArcCatalog on the second try.  I've isolated it to when it tries to the "execute" command the second time.  I am wondering if anyone has experience similar crashing behavior and whether I need to do more clean up of the code before the script ends?