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Publishing airphoto mosaic (wms/image service) display checkered boxes at larger scales

Question asked by thiru123 on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by thiru123

I am trying to publish a mosaic dataset containing air photo / imagery tiles in ECW format as a WMS. The WMS appears fine at smaller scales (regional scale), but it fails to show air photo tiles at larger scales (street level). At larger scales, only black and white checkered boxes fill the screen.


The mosaic dataset looks fine at all scales in ArcMap. Analysed the mosaic and no errors or warnings.


Black and white square tiles appear instead of air photo


It appears that the overviews are not generating well (see the attached images). At street level, when I use "i" tool on the mosaic, I get only image no "Ov_xxx_xxxxx.ti" as I get at regional levels.


I have done different iterations to eliminate the variables that might contribute to the issue.


The ECW format is same as the previous year, I created the mosaic data set for 2016 and 2015 air photos and they are working very good. 


I have created a subset of 3 air photo tiles to repeat the tile cache creation process, the tiles turn into checkered boxes at 1:6770. Published the mosaic (right-click on it) as an image service and the result is same.


The disk space is plenty on the file server and I have moved the files to a different file server. 


The issue is being looked at by ESRI Support (Australia) but I thought I may get some answers if posted in this forum. Has anyone have experienced this issue before?


Thanks in advance for your help.