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Losing ui widgets after switch 2d/3D (maquette widget and more)

Question asked by tubakumbara on Feb 7, 2018
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My application was shown 2D and 3D map on different divs until today.

Today i tried to show sceneview and mapview in same div . and tried code which on below link


Notice: My application starts with 3D.


ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox 


maquette widget generates error message when i try to change view from 3D to 2D and all of my ui widgets being disappear. But i never used maquette widget, maybe other widgets can use this. I have no idea.


0x800a139e - Javascript runtime error: NotFoundError



Problem -2

Adding Clock widget to sceneview but clock doesn't appear, Clockdiv is visible but has no clock inside. Just an empty div.


Clock widget was working without any error until change my code at today



thanks inadvance.