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Adding photos in a repeat causing strange behavior in Survey

Question asked by dailya on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by dailya

I have a repeat for taking photos. The first photo takes when you hit the camera icon and I can see the picture in my survey. If I hit the "+" icon to add additional photos, the entire survey immediately resets back to the top. It clears all of my previously answered questions and hides the parts of the survey dependent on those questions being filled out. If I fill out the survey again, when I get back down to pictures my 1st photo is still there.


No idea what is happening here. I've seen this happen on android J7 and galaxy S5. It's also not consistent survey to survey or between the same model devices. Sometimes adding more photos works fine. Sometimes it erases all your data and resets the survey. Is there a known issue with the phones causing this? Or with repeats? I can't get any consistency replicating the problem so its hard to determine what is causing it. I don't want to send our field crews out with them thinking the app isn't working, and me not knowing how frequently this problem will occur.