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Strange behaviour when upgrading to 10.6 (Desktop)

Question asked by pan_gis on Feb 7, 2018

Hi guys,


I upgraded a bunch of 10.2 desktop to 10.6 without problems.

I had only one 10.1. with a License Manager with the same version not licensed and  not being used.

I uninstalled the license manager 10.1.


I almost sure that 10.1 is included in the target system but maybe I am wrong. 

but when I started the installation I was prompted to uninstall the 10.1 in order to continue.

I didn't do it: I upgraded from 10.1 to 10.4.1 and then to 10.6. --- > OK


Do you think something was left behind from license manager?

Why the installation was detecting the 10.1 as a problem 




When closing the mxd I got the following 

in System32 there was no Normal.mxt 


I know it is supposed to be in appdata/esri/roaming/destop10.x/arcmap

In Desktop10.6 there was only Catalog and the addInFolderList . Nothing else.

I could save the mxd but still, after I opened again a new mxd I got this at closing?

The normal.mxt was not created at all.


(I checked the 10.1 folder and all the default folders were there as it should be.)



Any clue?