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Disable ArcGIS Download Patches on Workstations

Question asked by mvolz47 on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by dcoley

I was able to quickly download a patch to Pro 2.1 (Patch 2.1.1) where it was automatically installed during the download process.  This is fine for a test computer, but I will need to have more control over this download when Pro is placed in a real production environment.  As such I have 2 questions:


1.) If I was not an administrator on the workstation, would the 2.1.1 be able to be auto-installed onto the workstation or would I have received an error message saying I did not have sufficient permissions to perform this action?


2.) Is there a setting in Pro that would disable the ability for users to download and install a patch to their workstation?