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Portal 10.6 Dashboard - sharing direct URL to dashboard with level 1 users fails

Question asked by ascullyCOT on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by Dante_COE

1st day with Enterprise (Portal) 10.6, and the new Ops Dashboard is really nice. 

One issue that I had hoped would be resolved is apparently still happening for us.  

Basically we have a whole bunch of level 1 users, who have no need, desire, or skills, to do anything in Portal.  So, the idea is that they just have the URL to the dashboard, sign in (we use active directory) and boom, they have their dashboard with essentially no learning curve, or new interfaces to navigate.  


However, when a level 1 user goes to the Dahsboard URL, sign-in fails, and they are taken to our Portal homepage.  

I'm really hopeful this is something that can be addresses through a security setting in Portaladmin, or on the server (IIS).  This is a deal-breaker for our particular user-base.


A little history -

using the old version Ops Dashboard, with Portal/Enterprise 10.5, this functionality was fine.  When we upgraded to Enterprise 10.5.1, we noticed that the direct URL to the Dashboard failed to load, just spun indefinitely.  This was a bug that was logged, with the workaround being that if you made the users Level 2, AND made them an administrator, it would open for them.  We balked at implementing this, and waited for 10.6, but after re-building the dashboard in the new environment this morning, the behavior is still happening.  They can get to the dashboard by logging into Portal, finding the group this is shared with, and opening it there.  So it is accessible to them permissions-wise.  Also, a direct link to the WebMap being used by the dashboard works as desired (go to webmap URL, sign in, and you're good).