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Can't save maxRecordCountFactor tileMaxRecordCount standardMaxRecordCount

Question asked by NHVRGIS on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by NHVRGIS

First: as found in other posts, I have changed the posted lastEditDate to a non-numeric (i.e. not epoch) value as discussed here


Example, set an illegal value: "lastEditDate" : ""




I am trying to increase the values for the standardMaxRecordCount and tileMaxRecordCount settings for ArcGIS Online FeatureServer Layer's (the version in the ArcGIS Online rest html admin interface top right hand corner of screen is said to be These don't save despite reporting success and this lack of support is stated by Esri so I am not surpised, see Error: Layer did not draw completely because there are too many features to display 


However, in the article above a workaround is discussed to increase the maxRecordCountFactor value from the default of 1 and this also DOES NOT SAVE EITHER (despite reporting success).


The only change I can make that does save is the maxRecordCount, so I can save something but nothing that will increase the number of records returned when a WebMap (query) is requesting a feature tile layer data.



There seems to be no way of increasing the number of feature tile requests limits and there appears to be no way of configuring a WebMap  layer so that it does not use feature tile requests.


I believe I am out of options, however this is quite disturbing if there is no way to increase these limits using ArcGIS Online as there is no way to fix this in within the WebMap, Service or Layer.


Please do not suggest a tiled/cached map service. The only solution I can find is to switch away from ArcGIS Online and back to dynamic map services.


Any suggestions would be welcome.


Thank You.