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What is PhotoIndex and what does it for and how do I use it ?

Question asked by progis99 on Feb 5, 2018
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This is all new to me about learning how to use Aerial Photos. I have a very old ones that that are dated back to 1938 and I am having a really hard time to identify features there. I have them that are scanned at scale of 20,000. They are most on the mountainous areas and it lacks the features that I could find them.


My question to you what is Photo Index shapefile I have here? They are point shapefile that shows the flight that took them.  How can I use it ?


I plan on to using to orthorectify them through ERDAS 2016 Imagine AutoSync.. I believe I have them about at least 3,000 all over my forest here.


I am not really  familiar about them very much but I have google it around online and found some good information.


Do you have a website that discuss about them or some examples that may be helpful to me or can I look at them?