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Web Appbuilder DE - Programmatically pan to and select newly added feature

Question asked by Wilcox.Jeff on Feb 5, 2018

I am encountering a strange issue where a user may add a new point to a Feature Service using Smart Editor, but it does not appear until the user zooms in/out. I have set the refresh interval of the layer in AGOL, and again in the WebMap...this still doesn't make the point display.


I am not sure if this is a caching issue, or an undesirable ornament of passing AGOL services through to ArcGIS Enterprise Portal. I noticed that setting the refresh interval does not carry through when the service is passed through, it had to be set in the WebMap too.


In lieu of this problem, is there a way to zoom (or pan) to a newly added point and select it on Save? Recommendations greatly appreciated.