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Problems with Selecting Layers

Question asked by WiscRapids on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by DNyenhuis-esristaff

I have a web map that uses secured services that are published on my server, but registered with AGOL.  When I load that map in Operations Dashboard, it displays fine - but if I try to select a layer from the map, the layer list for that map churns indefinitely and never populates. 


As a workaround, I have to use the "Select Layer" to pick one of the underlying services first, then choose a layer from that service.  Even that is problematic, though, as my map service contains over a dozen layers, and there is not a scroll bar enabling me to scroll to layers or tables at the bottom of the list.  I have to decrease the browser zoom or move to a larger monitor to see additional layers.


Are there any known limitations, such as problems with secured services or # of layers in underlying maps, that might be causing my main problem, and are there any plans to add a scroll bar to make the workaround a little easier?