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How to change the expiration time of the token generated in application developed using Web App Builder

Question asked by mayur.patel on Feb 5, 2018

I have developed an app using Web App Builder developer Edition and I am trying to change the expiration time of the token in tokenUtils.js file as below 



 var oAuthInfo =;


        var oauthReturnUrl = window.location.protocol + "//" + +

         require.toUrl("jimu") + "/oauth-callback.html";

        //OAuth will lose 'persist' query parameter if set expiration to two weeks exectly.

        oAuthInfo = new OAuthInfo({

          appId: appId,

          //expiration: 14 * 24 * 60 - 1,

          expiration: 2,

          portalUrl: portalUrl,

          authNamespace: '/',

          popup: true,

          popupCallbackUrl: oauthReturnUrl






 But while checking the response of generated token request in network tab, I am getting the token value and expiration time as below



 Hence the token is not getting expired in 2 mins as desired.