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Surveys stuck in outbox

Question asked by cjbowles on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2019 by DownerNewZealand

We are having a reoccurring issue over multiple iPads (using v2.5) and different surveys where surveys get stuck in the Outbox folder and can not be opened to edit or resubmitted.  Nothing happens when the survey icon is clicked within the outbox and when the auditor submits the survey, no dialog box appears - the screen returns to the Outbox folder with the survey still there.  The surveys that are being submitted have multiple (80+) photographs.  Interestingly, the survey responses are submitted and can be viewed online in Survey123, but none of the photographs are present.  


I have reviewed the log files for some of these failed surveys (logs recorded during submittal attempts) and it appears that the error being reported is "Code 1000 - Cannot insert duplicate key row in object...".  I believe that because so many photographs are being submitted, the process is timing out and the photographs fail to upload.  Because the survey responses have been recorded, on resubmittal attempts, it is trying to overwrite attachments (even though they aren't technically present). 


Question 1 - should we be able to click on the survey in the Outbox and "edit and resend" - I believe that was historically an option and seemed to work when we ran into this issue before v2.5. 


Question 2 - How can I submit these surveys manually?  I've asked the auditors to send me the sqlite file and attachment database.  When I load that database into the desktop client and fix the database, I experience the same issue (in this case using v2.6) where after clicking submit, you are returned to the Outbox and it fails to the submit the survey.  Can I make edits to the sqlite to make this a unique submittal?