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Survey123 Users/Permissions/Feature Layers

Question asked by LaPlata on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by BArmstrong-esristaff

We have a survey that we've been tweaking/updating over the course of the last few months that we are now experiencing problems with.  


When I log into Survey123 as the user who owns the survey, I can see 8 records that have been submitted.   When another user logs in, they can only see 2 records that have been submitted.   The really odd part is that the 2 records the non-owner can see aren't in the list of 8 records I can see as the owner.


I assumed we were having some type of permissions issue, but I've checked everything I can think of don't have the ability to give the non-admin user any more rights (the user is in a group that can submit and analyze the survey).


I'm still new to Survey123, so I started poking around a bit in the Content folder for the Survey (where the feature layers are created).   For this particular survey, I see we have 3 layers that are "Feature Layer (hosted)" and 1 stakeholder layer that is a "Feature Layer (hosted,view)."    


The other odd thing I see is that the 2 records the non-owner user can see when logging in are in the data tab of one of the older feature layers.   The 8 records I can see as the owner are in the most recent feature layer.   


So now, a few questions:

1) Does a new layer get created each time we republish the survey with new changes (fields/answer options/etc)?   If so, should the older feature layers automatically be removed?   If they aren't automatically cleaned up/removed, should I manually be deleting them?



2) Is there any explanation as to why a non-owner user is seeing data in an older layer and not the data in the most recently updated feature layer? 


3) Am I even barking up the right tree here thinking the problem is with the feature layers?