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AGSMapView.locationToScreen returns (nan,nan)

Question asked by worthsparks on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by worthsparks

My app displays spatially accurate graphics in a view on top of the mapView. To do so, I perform on-the-fly transformations for the graphics from within viewpointChangedHandler. Sometimes on first load, some of the graphics don't show on the screen where they should. After much debugging, I have discovered that even though the has been loaded, calling mapView.locationToScreen() returns a CGPoint where both x and y are NaN, CGPoint(x: nan, y: nan).


The map is already AGSLoadStatusLoaded. But obviously, I'm trying to do this too soon. What trigger or observable on the mapView or can I use to know when mapView.locationToScreen is ready to return good screen coordinates?