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Host raster files on server for Geoprocessing task from ArcGIS Javascript API

Question asked by wondim81_CIAT on Feb 3, 2018

Dear Community, 


I want to know the best way to host raster file on server and run Geoprocessing task from JavaScript API. In the process, I would like to also show the rasters on the web map. How should I host the raster files and which parameter on ArcGIS Javascript API and arcPy will help me execute the tasks? Currently, I have created ImageServer layers and they at least show the local path of the layers. However, how could I run by supplying the local path or even a URL if it is possible. 


MapService does not show the local path and the layers URL are identified by id. 


I am using the following technologies. 

ArcGIS Desktop version 10.5

ArcGIS Server version 10.5

ArcGIS for Javascript API 3.x