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Why multiprocessing is not working with GP service(ArcGIS for Server)?

Question asked by dineshpatil on Feb 2, 2018
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I have published one script tool as a GP service, and it is used to find closest facility for incidents with multi-processing functionality.


I have referred Create a script tool that uses multiprocessing to set properties of script tool.  It works fine in ArcMap, also executed through IDE (PyCharm) with hard coded input values.


I tried to execute the GP service through 'REST' end but it stuck at the point where multiprocessing is called. Below, I have attached the code snippet, and the script stuck after the highlighted syntax line. 


I was unable to figure out why this problem is occurred.


I have also published one sample script as a GP service which creates 4 KM buffer around point feature and clipped features from other feature class which falls within that buffer, and the scripts works fine through ArcMap  as well as  REST end of GP service.


But the GP service with 'find closest facility' for incident not working through GP service. Please help me out!



Dinesh Patil.