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Check OGC compliance for Esri Enterprise that possible?

Question asked by NC_GIS on Jan 31, 2018
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My boss wants me to confirm whether the Oracle Enterprise geodatabase that we have is OGC compliant or not. Along with that I need a way to confirm whether the standard Esri geodatabase is also OGC compliant by default.


I checked here:  


The above lists "ArcGIS for Server Enterprise (ArcSDE) for Oracle 10.1" as certified. That was for version 10.1.
Does this indicate that SDE geodatabases starting from 10.1 are OGC compliant? Or only 10.1 was certified?


For checking the OGC Standards for a gdb, I checked this: OGC Standards | OGC 


But again, I am not sure on how to proceed to check, if our geodatabase is compliant or not.
The OGC Validator, TEAM Engine  , doesn't seem to have anything for this.


If someone can guide me in the right direction, that would help a lot!


Thank You!