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How to have users only see their own created data?

Question asked by NSWRFS on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by NSWRFS

Hi All


Slightly different question to usual ...


10.5.1 in house ArcGIS Server and Portal. No Data Store, no Hosting Server (for now).


We have a training activity, with multiple people entering the same data.

The map soon becomes very cluttered and (maybe) some people just copy what has been previously entered.


Current idea is a separate map for each user, with a separate feature service using a definition query on the editor tracking field.

That would be approx thirty (30) maps, a bit of effort, and haven't yet tested if it would actually work.


Feature layer views look good and appears (for now) to only work for hosted services.


How would you go about having the user only see the data they entered?