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Is it possible to automatically generate extents for data driven pages?

Question asked by DMMotti on Feb 1, 2018
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I have a layer with the grassland of many farmers. For each farmer, I have to export/print his grasslands.

At the moment I use data driven pages with a separate extents-layer which also sets the scale and rotation for each extent and a python-script to select the extents with grassland of each farmer and print only those extents. It works perfectly and does its job.

The only annoying thing is that sometimes one farmer’s grassland lies exactly at the boarder of two extents. This way it prints two extents even tough – if I would just move the extent a little bit - one would have been enough.

Do you know about a method that creates new extents for every farmer? I would then have to print an overview map of this extents-layer as well.

Only zoom to layer would not do the trick because then the scale would be too small. It should me a method where I can set a scale from 1:1’000 to 1:5’000 and it automatically generates as many extents as needed to print all the grassland of the farmer.

Thank you in advance for your help!


ArcGIS 10.3