Mobile First theme

Discussion created by simo Champion on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by geonb_bernie

When I use WAB, I find its themes are very good for working on desktop or tablet screens, but they are not the best themes for the smartphone screens, although they can to some extent adapt to the small screens due the responsive design web design.


I just want to discuss, is it time that for WAB to have some themes particularly designed for mobile phones. light-weight, modern, very close to native apps looking and feel?


I am developing some hybrid apps for smart phones, sometimes I need to load web apps in the WebView control in the native apps only finding the web apps built with WAB are too heavy and clunky... obviously the templates (themes) in WAB don't have a "Mobile First" design. with smart phones are taking the world, mobile first is one step further than responsive design, I think.