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"Something went wrong" error - Insights for AGOL

Question asked by pan_gis on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by Waqar82_geo

Hi guys,


I am playing with insights in AGOL today for the first time.


I published 8 layers (demographic data, mostly numbers) in a feature service stored in a secure folder in ArcGIS server 10.2.

I added the service as item in AGOL, storing the credentials.


I add the data on insight for AGOL. I add a map in the workbook and I see it,  I can click on a single region and see the statistic for the area but, when I try to add a chart (or a table) instead of a map I get the "something went wrong" error.


I read a question here, about a similar error in portal, but I could not get any help.


Thank you!