Parcel Maintenance, the wrong way.

Discussion created by SCAuditorGIS on Jan 31, 2018

Hello everyone, I have a unique question and topic that needs a bit of advice to help solve. 


Currently I work for a County in Ohio and we maintain a Parcel Layer in GIS. The department that maintains the layer is not well educated in GIS and therefore maintains parcels with no topology and even worse... in a parcel fabric without any cleaning prior to loading. 


I work in the Auditor's office and need this layer in order to help make and perform analysis on many many other layers. 


Long story short. I am forced to clean this layer within a topology (no gaps no overlaps) everytime I recieve an update. Currently I have pain stackingly manually cleaned over 4,000 tiny gaps and overlaps .... I would say 60 times? maybe more..


My question is, Is there a way or a tool or a process where I can take a new unclean parcel layer update and have it be coincident on the lines within a certain distance. (hopefully removing many gaps and overlaps that have been cleaned in the prior update).


Or does anyone have any ideas on how to combate cleaning the same errors over and over everytime I get an update?


Thanks for any and all suggestions!