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ArcPY Replica

Question asked by tankmr22 on Jan 29, 2018
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I have two ArcGIS servers running on Linux with and Oracle instance on each.  The GIS servers sit behind a 3rd party hardware load balancer and each server has a feature service layer allowing edits.  Since we're sitting behind the load balancer, we don't know which server we will hit and as such need to replicate the data from one instance to the other.  I can manually push the changes but I need a way to push those changes automatically.  I was thinking an ArcPY script could be helpul so I used the model builder and then exported that to a python script.  The model runs fine, but the script won't run.  I get a runtime error 999999 Error Executing function.  There is a reference to a line in the file 


import arceditor


Also line 18, gp.setProduct("ArcEditor")