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Interconnecting ArcGIS Collector and Survey123

Question asked by jvarasanz on Jan 29, 2018
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I've publish a form and create the corresponding hosted feature service. In my workflow, I want to use Collector to add a point in the map, run a quick assessment, and flag a house with a damage category (None, Minor, Major, Destroyed). Later on, I'd like to pull up this data in Survey123 to complete a more detailed assessment if appropriate.


Collector supports the first part of the workflow (add a point to the map and enter the appropriate data). But the next step is a little trickier, since I am pretty much limited to transfer that information to Survey123 with a custom URL that requires re-selecting the record and submitting my request. The URL will transfer the data, but also create a new point with a different location defined by Survey123, thus, duplicating the records.


Ideally, a user will add a point in Collector to populate the required data, and then provided with the opportunity to edit the remaining data in Survey123 with a simple click. Conceptually simple, but probably not easy to implement. I wonder if the current inbox setting could be leverage for this purpose.