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How can I tell which database is being used by ArcGIS Server service

Question asked by sanders0492 on Jan 29, 2018
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I'm new to ArcGIS as a whole and I'm put on a last minute project, so I'm giving myself a crash course in GIS, ArcGIS, and the ArcGIS components. 


I'm working with an existing Map Service on a local ArcGIS 10.2 server. I was given an address to a database server and told it was being used as the database for that service, but the ArcGIS Manager portal shows no data stores nor does it show any tie to the database server.


How can I tell where a map service is getting its data from?


Thanks in advance!



In Manager, if I bring up the "Service Workspaces" dialog (as shown here) the only tab available is the "Copied" tab, and there is only one datasheet listed. The file path listed is on the ArcGIS server itself, and not the database server. Does this mean that the ArcGIS server has its own local copy of the database server's info?