nearest neighbors within zones

Discussion created by tgmueller on Jan 26, 2011
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Hi everyone.   I have a grid with many different clustered zones.  I also have a point shape file with one  point in each zone and the number of the of the points corresponds to the number of the zones.  The point file also has a field indicating the number of nearest neighbors that I need to have in each zone.  Does any one know I can flag those cells in each cluster that are nearest neighbors. 

Bill Huber asked me for some context to the question I asked two days ago so let me provide that now.  The zones are mini watersheds and the points are locations on either side of a concentrated water flow path.  We used terrain analysis and a vegetative filter strip model to determine the buffer area required to reduce sediment loading by a certain percentage 75% in this case. 

Here is a  link showing a small example of what the analysis looks like.  The selected points (cyan) require buffers of 10 to 18 grid cells.  The different semitransparent colors represent the different watersheds for each of the points along the waterway.      

Sorry if this is not clear.