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Add z-value to shapefile made of multipatch data (roofsurfaces)

Question asked by JacobBpunkt on Jan 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by xander_bakker

Hey guys, i am pretty new in 3D analysis in ArcMap/Scene (10.5.1.)

It might be pretty simple question ( and it hopefully is).

I am working with 3D buildings of my hometown to analyze roof solar potential.

My final goal is to produce slope and aspect data.


What kind of data i use:

-   109 multipatch (.gml) files (each contains GroundSurface, RoofSurface, Wallsurface)

>> i am interested in Roofsurfaces to analyze slope and aspect

-  1 shapefile (it contains the 109 roofsurfaces)

>> i produced it myself and used it for 2D analysis (for example: footprint to estimate and distinguish flat and sloping roof types)


What i am trying to do is:

- add z_value to the shapefile

- to create a raster elevation map

- and finally do slope and aspect analysis


My problem is:

- i dont know much about multipatch and gml. data

- i dont know how to create this z-value out of my existing data and add it the attribute table of the shapefile (if had the z-value i could use polygon to raster)

> Is it even possible? Can i use the shapefile? Or do i have to use the raw data (multipatch / gml.)


I hope you can understand what i am trying to do, and what kind of data i use.


Thanks in advance,